Honourable Mentions

Skate Canada was overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness and storytelling of all the 106 entries and are pleased to have the privilege to showcase the amazing talent we have in the skating community. Here are some honorable mentions in all three contest categories.

Voting for finalists will be open until February 15, 2023, so don’t forget to vote for your favourites. Winners will be announced February 18, 2023.

Thank you everyone who participated.

Skate Canada’s Got Talent

“My Favourite Guitar Clips”
by Ethan Adanac

Whistler Skating Club
Section: BC/YT

“Michelle Deng Performing Postludium for the Skate With Us National Contest”
by Michelle Deng

Ice Palace Figure Skating Club
Section: AB/NT/NU

“No Time To Die Cover”
by Nina De Jesus

Extreme Edge Skating Club
Section: BC/YT

“Violin Solo – Symphonie”
by Tianna Li

Coquitlam Skating Club
Section: BC/YT

“Skate Canada’s Got Talent”
by Nadine Simmonds

Thunder Bay Skating Academy
Section: ON

Club and Skating Schools

“Skating is for Everyone – Joshua’s Story”
by Calata Figure Skating Club

Section: AB/NT/NU

“Char-Lan Skating Club Skate With Us Contest”
by Char-Lan Skating Club

Section: ON

“Clavet’s Ice Show Spectacular”
by Clavet Skating Club

Section: SK

“Skating is For Everyone”
by Skate Winnipeg

Section: MB

by St Margaret’s Bay Skating Club

Section: NS

Skate With Us

“Skating until I’m me again”
by Cynthia Belaskie

Dundas Figure Skating Club
Section: ON

“My Skating Story”
by Chloe Choinard

Stirling Figure Skating Club
Section: ON

“For the Love of Skating”
by Erin Foster

Moose Jaw Skating Club
Section: SK

“Tangled Laces Skate With Us”
by Karla Fraser

O’Leary Skating Club – Tangled Laces Adult Synchro
Section: PEI

“Figure skating: from love at first sight to great love”
by Émilie Marcotte

CPA La Prairie
Section: QC

“My Axel Journey”
by Hailey Mei

Thornhill Figure Skating Club
Section: ON

“Kick and Cry”
by Kimberly Moon-Chong

Thornhill Figure Skating Club
Section: ON